Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cheering for a Conference

Due to popular demand, this is a re-post originally made 3 January 2008.... enjoy!

Happy New Year Everyone,

From my seat in a Georgia section at the Sugar Bowl yesterday, I was very suprised by the fan reaction when Georgia did something well during the game. Although not a Georgia fan, I can certainly expect a jovial uproar in the aftermath of a sack or a touchdown; but, in lieu of cheering for their team the Georgia fans decided to vorciferate "S-E-C". While initially I thought it was only the Napoleonic complex ridden Georgia fans (who, on a side note, I would like to point out hold onto the past more than any other fan base in the country- Everyone is sick of hearing about Hershall Walker!!) barking "S-E-C" instead of "Bulldogs", I then noticed many fans wearing LSU and even Florida gear join in with the Georgia fans in cheering for the conference.

Maybe I am just a little slow or am I missing something because I don't understand spending an entire year hating a team and then cheering for everyone in the conference, including hated rivals, if they do well in a bowl game. For example, just seeing the colours purple and gold gives me intense nausea because I hate LSU- so, why would I cheer for them at all? Is it supposed to make me feel better if the Tigers beat a MAC or Big East team like UCONN in a bowl; no- it pisses me off because I never want anyone wearing purple and gold to have the smallest shread of happiness. Also, what is the purpose in general? Do these people think Hawaii heard "S-E-C" and felt like they didn't belong; or that Michael Jordan and James Worthy would have won another title if the Dean Dome erupted with "A-C-C" every time His Royal Airness posterized someone (which will never happen by the way!)? Or- the unthinkable- Duke fans cheering for Carolina after the Blue Devils make their yearly 2nd round exit in March???

My next thought was: is this a new sickening trend or something I have missed over the past several years. Maybe it is a new trend; and thus, next year we will all be serenaded with an "A.L. east!" chant in Fenway Park when the scoreboard shows the Orioles are beating the A's. Or perphaps, I will see someone streaking through the pitch at Le Parc des Princes á Paris holding a "Ligue 1" sign during a Champions League match between PSG and AC Milan next year (of course that is making the long shot assumption PSG ever gets back into the Champions League but right now Ligue 2 seems more likely...) . I guess only time will tell...

Till next time,