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And the Song of the Decade Is.....

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So, I got my Rolling Stone's Decades Issue last week which named their list of best songs, albums, artists and films of the decades. Now, to me, Rolling Stone completely lost their credibility when they put Jonas Brothers on the cover in March, but my subscription doesn't end until January so I gave it a flip through... Here's some of my thoughts on their and my picks...

Song of the Decade: Rolling Stone’s Choice- Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.
First reaction: You’ve got to be f-ing kidding me. So bad Rolling Stone has lost its credibility, and whoever approved this going into print should be publically scorned and job-hunting. I mean, seriously- is there anyone who likes this song?? I can't remmember anyone liking it back then, more or less down the road- and the song of a decade is supposed to be a classic....
While, unfortunately, we were forced to listen to this in bars and clubs wayy to much in 2006, I have a hard time putting Cee-Lo as the face of the decade. This song had no lyrics, an annoying hook and only 3 years later, this song is quickly greeted by changing the station when comes on. This song was popular and all, but unfortunately so was DJ Sammy’s trashpiece Heaven; which clearly shows popularity does NOT make something a classic.
Other questionable mentions on their list: 99 Problems by Jay-Z as #2 (Jay-Z is cool and all but seriously? This is an instant next button push on the CD player), Paper Planes by M.I.A. at #5 (God- our kids are gonna feel sorry for us when they see this list some day…), and Justin Timberlake Cry Me A River at #20 (No comment needed…)
My top 5 songs of the decade:
#5- MGMT- Time to Pretend (2006). Reminded me of a combination of Jim Morrison’s passion and the Flaming Lips’ artistry the first time I heard it. Epic music video.
#4- Daft Punk- One More Time (2001). Completely transformed music by making house/techno music into a  mainstream genre (but unfortunately paving the way for DJ Sammy's Heaven to be played non-stop...) . Not my favourite Daft Punk song (Digital Love) or probably not even top-10 but everyone in the world knows this song.

#3- The Killers- All These Things I’ve Done (2004). "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier"... Stayed on the charts for the better half of a year, has a great music video and even a rapper has been quoted as saying it’s his favourite song of all-time.
#2- 50 cent- In Da Club (2003). If you missed this one, odds are you spent the entire decade on the International Space Station- but even in that case- you still would have still heard it. Can anyone forget the hype behind 50 after this was leaked…
#1- Outkast- Hey Ya! (2005) kids will still be singing “Shake it like a Polaroid Picture” years after Polaroid factories shut it down permanently and I just heard Mike Wilbon ask Tony "What's cooler than being cool?? Ice Cold!" today… ‘nough said. And don't forget about the epic music video....

Album of the Decade: Rolling Stone’s Choice- Kid A by Radiohead.
First Reaction: Agree Completely.

Radiohead’s fourth album, while differing greatly from their previous release OK Computer, proved to be the their breakthrough album in the United States. They were bolder: throwing conventional song structure out the window and focusing more on sound and texture. The sound diversity in this album is superb: ranging from rhythmic keyboards on “Everything in its right place” to  acoustic guitars layered with an atonal string section in “How to Disappear Completely”. The greatest part of Radiohead- they weren’t one and done either- releasing the smashing In Rainbows in 2007 (#30 on Rolling Stone’s list) and Amnesiac only a year after Kid A (#25 of the list).
Questionble mentions: Bruce Springsteen’s Magic (#24)- everything he does (if, in fact, anything he does) isn’t good- and just because this CD is laced with popular political opinions, doesn’t mask the redundant chords, lack of texture and questionable vocals.
Outkast’s Speakerboxxx (#34)- not even their best album.
The rest of my top 5:
#5- Kanye West- The College Dropout- Best Rap CD of the decade. His debut album which combined amazing production, deep lyrics and huge guest appearances to put out the hits “Jesus Walks”, “Slow Jamz”, “School Spirit”, “Never Let me down”, and “Family Business”. Kanye changed his title from a producer trying to rap to a lyricist who also can produce and joined the RZA as the best in the game.

#4- The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- Combines lethal machines, conceptual anthems, Pink Floyd-esque preogressive rock and Neil Young-like passion in talking about everything from killer robots, death and a gutsy heroine. The Lips have been big in the underground/Indy scene since the ‘80s and it’s good to see them finally get their due.
#3- The Killers- Hot Fuss (2004). The boys from Vegas ruffled alot of feathers before their first release by saying they wanna "knock zeppelin and nirvana off their pedestals" but this album is a classic- spurning 5 singles, 3 chart topers and a 2 VMA awards.
#2- Coldplay- A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002). Their sophmore album actually did what no one thought possible and one-upped parachutes. What a work of genious and diversity, moving from the cathartic rock of "Politik" to the hushed tones of "Green Eyes". Classic

Rapper of the Decade: Rolling Stone’s Choice- Kanye West
First Reaction: Agree 110%
I know Kanye would’ve gotten a lot more votes from the public had this poll be conducted before the VMAs. But, this guy brings it. He released 3 chart toping albums this decade- College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation while producing all of Jay-Zs albums and making numerous guest

appearances. He has joined the RZA and Dr. Dre as rappers who can produce; and his lyrics are meaningful stories, not just rhymes that merely make sense. I know a lot of people wanna see Jay-Z here after his amazingly popular The Blueprint 3 release and I know Jay-Z has great production (Kanye by the way) and hooks; but take a listen to the lyrics of Jay-Zs Empire State of Mind and compare them to Kanye's Everything I Am.... And if he has Sir Paul's approval, he has mine....

Artist of the Decade: Bruce Springsteen "Working Class Superhero"
First Reaction: This has gotta be a f-ing joke.
OK, I know the guy made an American epic when "Born in The U.S.A.", his anti-Vietnam song, was shockingly misunderstood by Richard Nixon and used as his campaign song, but this guy has to be the most overated artist ever. Bruce, to me, has become the guy that everyone thinks they are supposed to like, but no one really does.
My pick: Radiohead, 3 chart-toping albums (Kid A, Amnesiac and In Rainbows).

Lastly this week, I want take care of something I forgot to do last week and give NO respect to whoever made the BCS bowl matchups (I guess Fox or the selection committee, or Tostitos, who knows...) for the TCU-Boise matchup they hit us with in the Fiesta Bowl. I thought after watching Utah dismantle Alabama last year and Boise's win over the Boomer Sooners a few years ago, theses schools would get more respet. TCU looks to be legit this year- but unfortunately by quaranteening them to play Boise (who no one knows much about either), we'll never know. The BCS should have pitted them vs. Florida in the Sugar for several reasons: (1) it would have been way more interesting than playing a Cincy team without a coach, (2) TCU beat 7 bowl eligable teams this year, (3) We would KNOW whether TCU  and the Mountain West is legit. If TCU won, this would make the second year in a row that a Mountain West team beat a SEC team and would give the conference legitimate beef that they are still not a "BCS conference". But, the BCS screwed us again and made the result of the Fiesta bowl, irrelevant. Who cares if TCU pounds Boise??? Also a loss, missing out on creating another classic poster like the one on the left.

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