Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Death of Roosterfly

So, as obvious as I'm sure it is to all, Roosterfly.com is dead. Always tough to pull the plug on what we still think is a great idea; but unfortunately incompetence is nearly impossible to overcome. So we've shifted gears, found a competent web-design firm and are working on something great (and totally different) which is guaranteed to change your life!! (Only if you use it of course...)

On another note, the blog is back!! and to start I want to give big ups to my Cs for taking their talents southward and coming up with a huge road W in Miami! Is it just me or is it still a toss-up between Chris Bosh and Big Baby when it comes to who's more scared of KG?? He did make the latter cry in a sold out arena mid-game a couple of years ago...

In case you forgot.... BOOM there's your proof!

Till next week,

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