Wednesday, 14 October 2009

October 14- Welcome back John Mayer and What is Kanye Doing??

OK- so I have to admit I am a Kanye fan. Like everyone else, I was a weirded out by his antics at the VMAs, but let's be honest- did you think anyone would care or even remmember a few weeks later? So, I was a little suprised when I read this, -and learned his upcoming 34 stop tour (which ironically was callled the fame kills tour) with Lady Gaga was kayboshed before lift-off. I guess I underestimated how much he upset people at the VMAs because one thing is for sure, he can bring it musically and is known to be amazing live and his last tour, (the Glow in the Dark tour) was sold out nationwide within hours of its announcement. A couple things that suprise me about the magnitude of the post-VMA public uproar is Kanye is not a thug and has always been a different type of dude- he never listens to rap outside of work, says the Killers are his favourite group, uses his home page/blog to promote indie groups and has a history of other public blow ups (remmember the euroMTV awards when he did virtually the same thing?)- and, to me, other celebreties have done things uncomparably worse without any reaction. Just to name a few less than perfect celebs- Ray Lewis (so what did happen in that alley?), Kobe, Michael Jackson, Carmelo (the "stop snitchin'" tape), Axel Rose assaulting fans- but apparently in the eyes of America, Kanye punking out Taylor Swift is worse (seriously?? why???)... But one thing is for sure, I guess he's either gotta grow up or risk never getting his fans back... Too bad though about the tour- I, for one, still think
College Droupout is one of the top 5 rap CDs ever and was looking forward to his newest live sets...

So by this I can see I'm not the only one excited about the new John Mayer release and subsequent tour. I've always been a fan of John, especially his live stuff (which he has always said defines his career).

What is up with the baseball playoffs having a week off? The Angels-Yankees start on Friday and I hope the Yankee Universe's prediction is wrong and they go down. Does anyone else have a problem with one team having the highest paid starting pitcher, relief pitcher, catcher, first baseman, shortstop, third baseman, outfielder and DH in the game???

Bob Dylan keeps adding concerts to his 2009 tour with Nov 13-15 in Boston and Nov 17-19 in NYC as new dates...

The Kings of Leon will be in Birmingham tomorrow (Oct 15)! and Nasheville the next day (Oct 16th)....

U2s tour has been amazing so far and they still have several dates left...

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  1. It serves him right for being such a spoiled punk. I hope he's finished.