Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Quit Crying Lebron!

Good morning everyone,

To start off this week, I wanna say how pumped up I was when I read one of my favourite bands of this decade, MGMT (AKA "The Management"), is set to release a new studio full length album in early 2010. I remmember the first time I heard them very well; I was studying for the mcat during my senior year of college (wow-2005 doesn't seem so long ago...) at the Dripolator Coffee Shop which was playing the song "Kids". I had never heard the song before and asked the guy working there who it was- he responded by telling me "some new group from New York called The Management" (their original name before changing record companies). I went and got their first full length CD which was "Climbing to New Lows" (worth getting by the way) and absolutely dug it. Later that year, they released the "Time to Pretend" EP which, to me, is a classic. I'll never forget hearing "Time to Pretend" for the first time and thinking to myself how much it reminded me of listening to The Doors; the honesty and passion reminded of Jim Morrison but mixed with an electronica feel that came together so well. I was a little dissapointed with "Oracular Spectacular" when it was released, not from a musical aspect, but from the lack of new tracks (I think only 3 out of the 10 tracks hadn't been released previously on Demos and LPs), but to newcomers to MGMT "Oracular Spectacular" has to rank among the top 5 CDs of this decade. Since its release MGMT has toured extensively, won a legal battle vs. the French Government, released several singles and LPs (Metononia is great!) and is set to release "Congratulations" next year. I know I can't wait!

Welcome back NBA! So, in watching last night's 95-89 Celtic's win over the Cavaliers, as a Celtics fan (I'm originally from Boston)  I was ecstatic about how good KG looked, how great 'Sheed fit in, how great our D looked and can't help but think that we are once again the best team in the league. But it was kindly pointed out to me that last year I said we were the best team ever after our 27-2 start to the season, and well all know how well that worked out (terrible!); so I'm gonna hold back a little this year. But, to me the biggest dissapointment to me in last night's game was Lebron James; who has without a doubt replaced The Great Tim Duncan (AKA the Big Fundamental) as the biggest cryer in the NBA. Now, I'm a little biased because I love The Great Tim Duncan; I think he's one of the greatest players in NBA history and it's unfortunate that his lack of flair has kept the big fundamental from getting the respect he deserves. For those who don't know, The Great Tim Duncan is a 2 time MVP, 12 time All-Star (in 12 NBA seasons), has made 12 All-NBA Defensive teams, has made the All-NBA team all 12 years in the league, has won 4 championships, has been finals MVP 3 teams and holds the career numbers of 23PPG, 12 RPG, 3.5APG and 2.5BPG. He's clearly the best power forward ever. Unfortunately one stat that doesn't show up is that in his mind he has never committed a foul in his NBA career, which has left many with the lasting image seen above as the way they think of Great Tim and his constantly being ranked in the list of top whiners in the league. But, in my mind, Lebron has passed Tim over the past season and certainly did nothing to help his image in last night's opener. I know times have changed in the NBA and there will never be another team like the Detroit bad boys and never another play like McHale close-lining Kurt Rambis (this play was called a personal foul- no technical, no flagrant, a personal foul); but can men still play make men and please not turn around to the zebras everytime they miss a shot with the look of a pathetic 5 year old who just had his ice cream money. Yes Lebron, I'm talking to you! You are already the best player in the league, there is no need to turn around and whine every time you get called for a foul or miss a shot. But, hey, I guess it works since you did go to the line 13 times last night... brutal...

So, always good when my predictions come true and if you read last week's blog, the absolutely horrendous work of the SEC officials in Starkville should come as no suprise. This is the call in question. The play was an interception return that put Florida up 29-13 and pretty much sealed the game- but replay clearly shows the ball being stripped before the player scored which would have instead made it 23-13 and state's ball. I'm not saying the bulldogs would have won, cause let's be honest they suck; but, once again Florida was in a little bit of trouble and the refs bail them out. I agree with Coach Mullins. How is it possible to blow a replay call? I mean I get missing stuff on the field sometimes but there was a clear, definitive, goaline shot of the play; and the replay official's only freaking job is to sit in the booth and watch replays!! Well, the SEC may act tough and suspend the officials- but let's be honest; they're not losing sleep over keeping Bama and UF at #1 and #2....

The World Series Starts tonite!! And of course I am going for the Philies- because I hate the Yankees. Despite going to college in Phily, I never really could ever get into the Philies but I am loving their new "Defend Broad Street!" slogan.... plenty of good world series tickets are still available as well for all yankee and phils fans!

Several cuts from Lil' Wayne's new mix tape have been leaked but the mix tape still is set for Halloween release. Guess this will be the last we hear from him for a while as he is set for jail time relating to a weapons charge in NYC. However, MTV compares this to T.I. and Tupac and thinks his career will push forward....

Michael Jackson's This Is It is on pace to break movie records... Amaing considering everyone had forgotten about that guy at this time last year....

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